This is the website of our project ‘Consequences of Electoral System Change in Modern Democracies’!


What happens when electoral rules change? The objective of our project is to examine the consequences of electoral system change on a series of politically relevant factors such as the size and composition of party systems, political representation and the overall level of democratic quality.


A central aspect of the project revolves around the collection of innovative data depicting electoral institutions and their consequences at the national level, the electoral districts, as well as on the individual level in advanced industrial democracies. Thereby, the project seeks to investigate the extent to which political institutions structure the behavior of political actors. The findings attempt to enhance the current body of literature and theories on electoral system change and may also provide new insights for engineers of electoral rules.


With this website we would like to introduce you to our project, our team, our data (as soon as it is collected) and to related research. Moreover, we will regularly offer our perspective on current literature in the field of electoral systems.


We will frequently update this website to keep you informed about our progress and other breaking news – So just stop by from time to time or visit us on twitter @ElectSystProj !